These are the very best healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas on the internet right now.

Every single one of them is quick, healthy, and, best of all, filling!

Did I mention that they’re all quick?

Many of these healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas can also be prepared the night before.

This means that you can grab them and eat on the go.

1. Ogi (Pap)

Ogi is typically eaten with moin-moin and this is the perfect balance of carbs and protein for a healthy, filling breakfast. You can also take a walk on the wild side and make your ogi even more interesting by adding some fruits

2. Bread and Eggs

Bread and eggs are another power combo for a healthy Nigerian breakfast. To increase the health value of this meal, be sure to choose 100% whole grain bread instead of white bread. Also, resist the temptation to deep fry the eggs and add lots of colorful vegetables.

3. Golden Morn

Most of us grew up eating Golden Morn. Turns out our moms knew what they were doing because it is an excellent source of fiber and iron.

4. Boiled Plantains and Stew

Plantains are so versatile. Enjoy them boiled or grilled in the morning.

5. Nigerian Salad

Nigerian salad is definitely the most lit type of salad on the internet. No contest.

Have more healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas?
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