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How to Naturally Prevent Diabetes

If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels are too high. With type 2 diabetes, this happens because your body does not make enough insulin, or it does not use insulin well (this is called insulin resistance). If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes, you might be able to prevent or delay developing […]

High Blood Pressure in Nigeria: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Hypertension is high blood pressure, a very common condition in older adults. Blood pressure is the physical force exerted by the blood as it pushes against the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure readings are written in two numbers separated by a line. The top number represents the systolic blood pressure and the bottom number […]

What to Eat If You’re Asthmatic

Asthma and diet: What’s the connection? If you have asthma, you may be curious about whether certain foods and diet choices could help you manage your condition. There’s no conclusive evidence that a specific diet has an effect on the frequency or severity of asthma attacks. At the same time, eating fresh, nutritious foods may […]

Ways to Naturally Get Harder Erections

Things to consider Not happy with how hard your erections get? You’re not alone. The key is figuring out whether you’re dealing with a one-off issue or if less than ideal erections are becoming a regular occurrence. Either way, a combination of talking with your partner, making a few lifestyle adjustments, and forming new habits […]

Guide to a Heart Attack

What Is It? When blood can’t get to your heart, your heart muscle doesn’t get the oxygen it needs. Without oxygen, its cells can be damaged or die. The key to recovery is to get your blood flow restored quickly. Get medical help right away if you think you’re having symptoms of a heart attack. […]

Twenty Foods That Saves The Heart

Fresh Herbs When you add these to foods instead of salt and fat, you’re making a heart-healthy choice. They add flavor without the bad stuff. Spices and other foods are delicious ways to eat heart-smart. Black Beans Mild, tender black beans are packed with heart-healthy nutrients. Folate, antioxidants, and magnesium can help lower blood pressure. […]

6 Home Remedies for Managing Hypertension

What is high blood pressure? Blood pressure is the force at which blood pumps from the heart into the arteries. A normal blood pressure reading is less than 120/80 mm Hg. High blood pressure raises your chances of having both heart attack and stroke. It’s important to know your numbers. If you have high blood […]

Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Interested in building your body’s defenses against germs and sickness? Focusing on a few key areas will better your chances of staying healthy. We list easy immune system boosters you can begin practicing today, as well as the ways you’re actually weakening your immune system. Top Immune System Boosters Your immune system is a process […]